About Us

About Our Company

History, Nowadays, information technology has become the world fastest industry in the world, from time to time it grows rapidly, from a large office into a small home; information become a main course of human communication.

To answer the need for increased information hen ERA Supplies Indonesia was established, a supply solution company founded in Jakarta in 2009. We provide most all your IT & Services needs. Supported by over 100 experienced and certified IT experts who work on a full-time basis to serve thousands of corporate customers and thousands of individual customers.

About Us
Committed to customer satisfaction, our work method is always to treat customer equally and effectively. And for that we have managed successfully grown into a total supply solution. We will always work hard to maintain our position in customers. We promise to offer a fast, efficient and guaranteed most competitive response to IT supplies requests.

Vision Mission
Our vision is to become a primary solution for all the diverse and increasingly complex IT needs in Indonesia, and to always maintain customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to always develop our working skill day by day. To keep upgrading our knowledge and competence in all IT related areas, creating innovative services to satisfy our customers, and adapting to the rapid development in IT world.

Message by Management
Firstofall, we would like to express our gratitude to all our loyal customers for choosing ERA Supplies Indonesia, as your primary source of IT Products & services.

In ERA Supplies Indonesia, Customer Satisfaction is our To priority; it’s who we are and what we stand for. We’ve been managing to be on the top solution for any IT Products & Services. We’ve combined our people and our effort to help customers gain their needs and work more efficiently. And if there’s one thing every business can use right now, it’s managing to do more with less.

We seek to grow and prosper over the next years, and are committed to becoming a truly excellent company admired and respected. Upgrading the competence and professionalism of our human resources, updating work facilities, and expanding our customer services are among the highlighted updates for our work develops. And last but not least, we would like to offer our deepest apology to our customer who have been coming across any. Your support will always be our learning experience.

We are confident that ERA Supplies Indonesia is moving towards becoming a leading IT supplies company in Indonesia, one that excel sensuality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.